What do i need to know to become an entrepreneur?

Check out what we have found on our 11 years of experience!

We have studied the specific learning outcomes and qualifications that are necessary for creating a successful entrepreneur.
Therefore, we have developed the Curriculum for young entrepreneurs based on ECVET principles, which was tested during a training course.

YES project

LDV TOI / End Date: 11/2014

We have also studied the specific needs of the social economy sector and its enterprises.
Moreover, we have developed an Educational program for social entrepreneurs and we have offered training to social entrepreneurs.

ESPASE project

LDV TOI / End Date: 09/2014

We have implemented training workshops specialized in green entrepreneurship in order to train young people.

This is a Green´s World

KA2 – Erasmus+ / End Date 08/2017

Also, we have conducted training courses on the development and implementation of creative projects.
These projects enhance the employment and self-employment of young people.


KA2 – Erasmus+ / End Date 06/2017

We think that Entrepreneurship training is a crucial factor in Europe, and we always try to find new ways to boost it.
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