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Training Toolkit for the cultural and creative sector


Nowadays, the evolution of digital models and technological solutions is able to redefine the entire structure of industrial products. The technologies used today, to create these products as well as the whole supply chain are very advanced. As a result, we are talking about taking much larger steps to the future. Nowadays, technology is advancing faster than ever.

Here in the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, we are proposing an idea that will address the mismatch that has risen between demand and supply of skills in the sector as there is a growing need for employees to be requalified and reeducated in order for them to be able to meet all of those demands fast and easy. It is the Institute’s idea to be able to involve the industrial sector directly in the transformation of education and of course, training systems.

As a result, we will provide the means to teach the new digital skills that are consistent with technological and industrial developments within the cultural and creative sectors. The Institute promotes the development of a truly helpful training toolbox kit that will include training material for these identified skills with the aim to enhance the training programs, update and requalify stakeholders and workers of cultural and creative sector focusing on the uptake of digital skills and e-Competences, acquisition of all the necessary skills.

The toolbox will include a number of different training tools: slides, exercises, trainer’s guide, web bibliography, videos, charts and tables

  1. Conduction of the training needs analysis
  2. Elaboration of the set skill
  3. Case studies and policy recommendations

This idea can easily be integrated into a Horizon 2020 project. If you are forming the proposal and you’re looking for strong and experienced partners and you like the idea that the Institute is able to provide you with then you definitely need to contact us today. We can guarantee that our innovative way of thinking, our experience on the field of EU projects and of course, our expertise in entrepreneurship will most certainly be able to provide your consortium with a very strong partner. Contact our offices today, talk to the people responsible for our amazing work. We can guarantee that this is going to be one collaboration you’re going to be glad you made. The kind of collaboration that will continue for many years.

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