VET Squared IO2 and IO3: Ensuring Safe VET Mobility Activities

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development announces the VET Squared IO2 and IO3 delivery. The development of IO2 and IO3 is a contribution to the EU project’s mission of “VET Squared: VET Mobility Safeguarding Quality Charter for Europe”.

Deploying the Potentials of VET Mobilities Activities

The frame of VET Squared relies on the acknowledgment of early and continuous professional development of education professionals; and, in this case, in the VET field. In fact, the key elements, of this Erasmus+ project, are upskilling and opportunities’ provision oriented towards safe VET mobility activities. The VET Squared strategic partnership consists of 5 organizations from Great Britain; Hungary; Spain; Greece; and, Italy.

Visit the project’s official website and learn more about VET Square.

Brief Presentation of the VET Squared IO2 and IO3

In this context, the strategic partnership developed VET Squared IO2 and IO3: a VET mobility safeguarding benchmarking tool; and, a VET mobility safeguarding in European VET Mobility e-learning platform, respectively.

The IO2 delivery is aiming to assist VET professionals in the evaluation of their organization’s safeguarding criteria. As a matter of fact, the digital interactive benchmarking tool supplements the VET mobility safeguarding quality charter (IO1). Therefore, organizations will be able to ensure an adequate level of VET mobility safety, with room for improvement towards a higher level.

On the other hand, the content of the IO3 platform encompasses the following sections:

  • Section 1: A safeguarding MOOC targeted, both for VET teachers and mobility activities leaders. The MOOC structure contains 8 training modules of 24-hour learning in total.
  • Section 2: A VET mobility safeguarding network/community of best practice, which will encompass host organizations and sending as well. In addition, this section encourages the exchange of ideas, feedback and other helpful information and data among its users.
  • Section 3: Finally, the 3rd section is a VET mobility safeguarding resource bank, which includes safeguarding professional development material for the VET professionals’ support.

Our institute is content with the initiative’s progress so far. In fact, iED encourages and contributes to VET initiatives that aim to provide support of any dimension, in this field. If you are interested in the VET field and have an idea for materialization, you can contact our team of experts.

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