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WBL Legal Framework in Greece


Work-based learning or WBL is a concept that help bring companies to the next level. Imagine being the owner of small business and wanting to make sure that your employees are going to be able to improve their skills and competencies, thus improving their work in general. That would do wonders for your business.

Work-based learning is the right way to do that. By bringing trainers to your business and allowing them to train your employees you are going to be opening up a door to a future you may have not imagined. Your employees would become better at what they do. You could also benefit from work-based learning and improve as an employer.

As you can understand, in order to do something like that, you will need to find the right certified trainers that will be able to provide you with the right services. And finding the right people might not be that easy.

Through the implementation of European projects, the EU is making an effort to build the right system and the collect the right information on the various legal frameworks on WBL, for multiple countries around Europe, to be able to support the training of trainers and give businesses like yours the opportunity to flourish.

The project Deep in WBL is such a project. The main οbjective of the project is fostering a closer engagement in WBL by promoting a better understanding of:

• The role of the different professionals involved in the implementation of the WBL

• The practices implemented to strengthen cooperation between teachers and trainers to improve the quality of VET, its responsiveness to the labour market needs and ensuring learners high quality learning experiences

• The practices implemented to empower women in WBL.

Under the project, a research has been implemented that is able to help you understand the legal framework in Greece as well as other countries, regarding the VET trainers and work-based learning

You can download the research right here. You can learn more about the Deep In WBL project by visiting their official website!

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