Using Webinar Drawing Tools for Effective Online Collaboration

Webinars are an excellent tool for online learning, but most users limit their webinar experience to mere video conferencing, without exploiting the wide variety of tools for online interaction and collaboration. Many educators follow the principle of the traditional, didactic manner of conducting the webinar, disregarding the fact that certain webinar tools overcome not only the limitations of distance learning but also of the classroom-based lecture. Different webinar software provides different opportunities for online collaboration, brainstorming, sharing of ideas and learning. One such tool is the whiteboard tool, which is a standard tool in webinar software and provides truly innovative possibilities for online collaboration. The whiteboard tool is excellent to engage learners through illustrations and allow them to be a more active participant in the learning process.

Webinar whiteboards also allow to:

  • Collaborate by drawing;
  • Enrich the brainstorming process by using a set of tools – shapes, text boxes, etc.
  • Participant contributions are marked, and you have an overview of the engagement of each participant;
  • You can save your work and revisit it later in the webinar;

The notes can be saved and distributed to the participants in a follow-up email after the webinar.

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