What is BIM and why is it important?

The world of construction is evolving every single day. There are more and more new innovative ideas emerging on a daily basis, focusing on making the construction processes a lot easier and a lot faster. BIM is one of those innovative processes.

What is BIM?

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a new and innovative process that focuses on the creation on an intelligent 3D model of a building that allows to document management, simulation, and coordination, throughout the entire lifespan of a project!

In most cased BIM is used in the construction sector to manufacture models for building and infrastructure designs.  With BIM, every important details is modeled, which allows constructors to work on all the different details, analyze potential problems that might occur and create visualizations that important stakeholders will understand, regarding the building, before they start the actual construction process.

Why is BIM so important?

Today’s architecture is great but it is not enough to manage and support all the new needs that emerge every single day.  We need social and economic spaces. We need to maintain and restore old buildings. The entire construction industry needs to get smarter.

BIM is able to allow constructors to see and know everything there is to know about their construction before they start the actual construction process. That means that they can predict problems and solve them beforehand. Building Information Modeling can help building become a safer place to live in and work in. It can help the entire industry evolve and makes the construction process even more efficient.

The data used in Building Information Modeling can, later on, be used for the construction of other buildings thus creating an entire idea of smart construction that can help with the fast and efficient creation of more building models.

Stage of BIM

The BIM process has four different stages:

  1. Plan
  2. Desing
  3. Build
  4. Operate

Each stage is just as important as the next and the previous.

Nowadays more and more countries are starting to use the BIM method for construction. The EU supports actions that include the BIM process. Projects like the BIMclay project focus on the use of BIM in various sectors, making it a necessary part of the construction sector today!

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