ENTRECOMP: Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises

The aim of this particular initiative is to manage and bring together relevant stakeholders in a number of countries focusing on testing the function that the framework can have as a catalyst and a tool in an effort to foster entrepreneurial skills of young people and citizens. For the correct implementation of the programme, it is vital to bring to help public authorities, educational institutions and the private sector to use EntreComp’s findings.

Aiming at the use of the EntreComp system for entrepreneurial purposes, this call can support the development of entrepreneurial competencies in Europe via lifelong learning perspectives. Important stakeholders and actors from across the different sectors will be included.

Proposals submitted under this call will seek to support a holistic approach to the entrepreneurial development using the EntreComp system. The call seeks to encourage innovation as well as new and modern approaches to entrepreneurship competence development in different learning settings, the involvement of important stakeholders, in particular employers from the private, public and third sector alike. It also aims to encourage responses to the changing nature of the labor market and education and training due to digital technology.

IED’s strong background on entrepreneurship and our expertise in EU projects, constitute us the best partner for this initiative. Having implemented more than 100 EU projects focusing on entrepreneurship, one of those projects being the EYE-Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs under the COSME programme, we can promote the entrepreneurial spirit, support the development of entrepreneurial skills for young people and help guide communities to the next level through innovation.

Our team of expert project managers have the ability to create the best training material that will be needed for this call as well as include the EntreComp system in such a way that will help every interested, potential stakeholder, gain experience and the potential or real improvement.

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