What is the connection between Industry 4.0 and industrial data analysis?

When asking a question like this, one must look a little deeper. Understanding the meaning behind industrial data is the way to see the connection with Industry 4.0. The real question is not how these two are connected, but how are they not!

In the real world, today, everything has to do with data. Whether we are talking about new technologies, the information era or Industry 4.0, the collection and use of data are the glue to put them all together.

Robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality. Do develop all of these innovative concepts we need data, as the key to creating this new ecosystem. And data means analysis.

In the new industrial world, data is the life. It is what keeps the ‘’ machine’’ going. It is the way innovation can be promoted. The way new features can be added to already existing systems to make them even better. Think about it. Social media is an industry. Search engines are industries, and they are the industries of the future. How do you keep them going?

By collecting data of course and by using that data to make improvements, create new features and add new and innovative ways to make the process of using them a lot easier to the user.

Of course, when we speak of data, we are only talking about the kind of data that is in fact usable. In other words, actionable data that can provide users with the kind of information that can be used to have actual positive or, in some cases, negative results.

Aiming at completing several goals, data activities are stretched out across the entire value chain and the lifecycle of any product affected by it. And the connection does not stop there. It is not just about data and Industry 4.0. There are aspects that go beyond the Industry 4.0 in term of technologies, data and the many applications that add to the value generation in smart manufacturing.

With animation systems going beyond our imaginations and with the combination of Industry 4.0 practices and values and data usage, we are now talking about faster more durable manufacturing processes that focus on creating smart devices in an effort to make every aspect of life easier.

These efforts bring improvements in many fields. Whether we are talking about our daily life, the global market or online research. In both theory and practice, Industry 4.0 is everywhere. Things you use on a daily basis like a smartphone. They are improving and will continue to grow as the years go by, and it is all thanks to Industry 4.0 and industrial data analysis.

The efford to promote Industry 4.0 in the industrial world grows every day. Through the implementation of EU projects like the RESTART project people have the opportunity to educate themselves on Industry 4.0 Foster the recognition across all EU countries of ICT and e-leadership skills applied to the traditional industrial sector through the use of ECVET.

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