What is the Internet of Energy (IoE)?

The term Internet of Energy is dominating the internet. If you are working in the power sector, you have definitely heard about it. However, a lot of people do not know what the Internet of Energy is and how it can help solve important problems.

The Internet of Energy is the way to implement the Internet of Things Technology. In other words, it is a way to distribute energy systems, aiming at optimizing the effectiveness of energy infrastructure while at the same time, reducing wastage. The impact of actions taken under the Internet of Energy is huge and not only in the Power Sector.

Some Information on the Internet of Things

The idea behind the Internet of Things is not very difficult to understand. It is achieved through the creation of a large network of sensors with multiple applications. Some of those applications include demand-side energy management and power monitoring.

For example, every consumer’s household appliance that is connected to the Internet will only use the power to work when there is sufficient energy from solar power in the grid. These machines are able to save a lot of energy and a lot of money as well.

Which problems are solved?

One major problem is solved through the use of IoE. The first one is the energy demand problem. Energy demand is fastly growing all around the world. Nowadays households need more energy to properly function for even the most trivial of purposes. That has created the need for countries to produce more energy every single year.

With IoE, countries are able to efficiently manage their energy demand. They can produce more energy when it is required and when the demand is low the energy production will slow down as well. This technology will result in countries minimizing the cost of energy production as well as energy wastage. These actions will also greatly benefit the environment.

A large number of companies have already started to apply IoE technologies in their production lines, consumption and transmitting of energy. One example is the company General Electric that is currently combining Big Data, machine learning and IoT technology to start building an Internet of Energy.

Another example is the Marriot Hotels that are using the Internet of Energy powered air-con chillers on their roof aiming at applying the same system across all of the hotel’s functions aiming an astounding £700,000 cost-saving.

The European Union supports actions that can promote the Internet of Energy across the European area. With projects like the ‘’IoE-EQ – Education, and Qualification’’ the word is spreading fast. Nowadays more and more households in Europe are using IoE technology and the results are already showing.

For more information, you can visit the project’s official website and IED’s website!

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