What is work-based learning and what are the benefits?

As a concept, work-based learning has been around for the past few years and has proven to be very effective for many industries. There are many benefits when it comes to it and many people believe that work-based learning is the main reason why businesses around Europe are able to move forward to fast.

But exactly what is work-based learning and why is it so important for today’s business world? A large amount of people actually believes that work-based learning is something like professional orientation. Although the two might be similar in many cases, they are not the same thing.

Professional orientation is the process during which an employee receives new information about a job that they have never done before, or receives information about a new position that they are about to transfer to. Work-based learning is not like that.

Work-based learning as all about evolving your knowledge on your current field, and making sure that you are going to learn every new thing there is to know, to make your results better and your job more efficient. For example, a person who works as a marketer and is about to transfer to another department will go through professional orientation.

If a person works as a marketer and starts receiving lessons through the company about the new trends, software and pretty much anything else they can use to make their work better, that is work-based learning.

The benefits of work-based learning are not just about the results of the work itself. Although people love to learn more and make their results better, no one is going to do that at home. When you go through 8 hours of sitting in front of your computer at the office, as soon as you arrive home, you will want to relax, not start studying again.

Work-based learning is going to give employees the opportunity to learn at work. As a result, they will view the business as a place of learning and earning. This will lead to them acquiring new respect for the business and of course take this opportunity to try and help the business grow.

The most important benefit of work-based learning is the fact that it gives employees the opportunity to focus on their own professional evolution. It is important for every company and every business to try and make their employees feel like they can evolve while they work. They have the time to think about their options regarding their professional choices, upgrade their work and take the next step towards a  bright career

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Maria Dalakoura
Senior Project Manager

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