Why Are Webinars the Most Effective Online Learning Tool?

Since their emergence in the 1990s, webinars have steadily become one of the key online learning tools. Their growing popularity derives from the different features and solutions that accommodate various learning styles. The most crucial advantage of webinars lies in the fact that they facilitate live interaction/immediate feedback between the participants in the learning process.

However, webinars should not be confused with the random video conferencing tool, since their advantage in online education lies also in the multiple tools for online collaboration, enriching the online learning experience by providing a more quality engagement of participants in the learning process. The variety of webinar software on the market provides ever-growing opportunities for learners’ engagement: shared browsing, screen share, polling, drawing, brainstorming and group work. These tools help participants connect better with the educator and the other learners, to develop and share ideas and to enhance their knowledge through group work with people from different locations. Learners can be divided into groups and work on tasks, engage in group discussions or share what they’ve learned.

Hence, the webinars have developed to provide multiple features of the classroom-based education. There is one major advantage, however, that educators and learners are connected not by their geographical proximity, but by their interest and expertise in a topic, regardless of the fact that they may be located in different parts of the world.

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