The world’s first educational material for entrepreneurship in dental hygienists

At European Dental Hygienist Federation, the Institute of entrepreneurship development presented the educational material created about dental hygienist.

The educational material was created in the framework of the European project ERASMUS+ entitled “European Training Platform for Continuing Professional Development of Dental Hygienists”, with the aim of creating an educational platform for the continuous business development of oral hygiene professionals.

It’s the world’s 1st material developed for entrepreneurship in this sector and it concerns more than 50.000 individuals across Europe. In this way, the sector is developing and can be the basis for boosting employment in this sector.

Having the ability to adapt the field of entrepreneurship to different disciplines, the Institute of entrepreneurship development has created this unique educational material which consists of printed material and electronic material in E-learning platform. The pilot application was held at the University of Lisbon and at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can watch the entire educational material completely free of charge below: