Project Management


We build a strong consortium for successful EU Projects

SMEs & Companies

Get grants for your R&D activities and develop further your activities and network.

Research Institutions & Universities

Focus on your research and we will guide you through the project implementation.

Non-Profit Organizations & Public Bodies

Lack of human resources or knowledge on EU funded projects? Problem solved!


What we offer

Based on our experiences, expertise and an extensive partner’s network we offer a range of project management services.

Project Planning

We identify the available grants to finance your research project. Just share with us your idea and we’ll find the available EU call for you.

Project Development

You stay focused on your research idea and we take care of the process for the project development. From building the consortium to administrative submission tasks, we can do it.

Project Management

For EU-funded projects, we support the project coordinator by taking on all of the tasks that could prevent him/her from focusing on the scientific success of the project.


Everything you need for a Horizon 2020 Project Management

Save Time

10% of your time is spent on managing resources and reporting during a Horizon 2020 project. So, getting someone to do the project management tasks might be a real pain-reliever.

Avoid Problems

Having an administrative coordinator is very convenient for the whole consortium. It frees the scientific coordinator from these time-consuming tasks.

Ensure Success

Know that your project is effectively managed by experienced project managers and safeguard that the tasks within your projects are well-defined for all partners.


We list and organize our work, for your convenience


Our project management team is happy to hear about your challenges
and help you out with managing your project.

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