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8 Awesome ways Technology can Help with Employees Benefits


The rise of technology has benefited the entire world. There are a million industries and careers that technology has helped improve and even create. One of the things technology has improved is employee benefits. 

Employee benefits are a huge reason people are tempted to accept jobs as well as why certain companies have happier employees. There are many employee benefits that can raise the morale of an office and keep employees around longer. Showing employees gratitude through benefits is just one of the reasons benefits are so important in a modern work place. 

Benefits are essential in a modern workplace. They keep employees happy and make a job worth more than a paycheck. Here are some of the awesome ways technology has helped employee benefits.

1. Virtual Healthcare

Health insurance is one of the best employee benefits there is. Especially in America, where health insurance could keep you from going into thousands of dollars worth of debt. Some companies suggest several trusty insurances, with the help of you can avoid twisting in insurance. Companies offering health insurance have made health care more affordable, but it did not make it more accessible.

There are hundreds of people who live far enough away from a doctor or hospital to make their health care useless. Emergencies do not usually happen at convenient times or inconvenient places. The rise of virtual health care has bridged the gap that insurance alone could not.

Now that doctors can be visited through the computer, it has become much easier and more convenient to get medical attention. This is especially true for people who do not know if they need to go to a hospital and cannot afford an ambulance ride. Virtual healthcare being added into employee benefits has allowed healthcare to reach people it might have never been able to before. Similarly, technology has also revolutionized industries like insurance. For instance, getting insurance for electricians has become more streamlined and accessible, ensuring professionals in the field are adequately protected.

2. Information

To access their benefits information, employees used to have to go through a lot of paperwork. This search might have included talking to several insurance companies and sifting through unnecessary paperwork. Technology has turned this confusing and lengthy process on its head.

The employee benefits information is now kept online and can be found with a password. Finding all of the information you need is as simple as entering a keyword. This easy access to your own information has helped employees know what they are entitled to.

3. Easy Enrollment

The amount of information you have to repeat and write down to enroll in benefits is overwhelming. Both employees and companies used to struggle with keeping track of paperwork as well as making sure everyone was receiving the correct benefits.

Online enrollment has made the process of receiving benefits easier for everyone. Enrolling into the benefits you have been promised can be done in a few simple steps and is securely stored immediately. This keeps your information safe and helps make sure you get the benefits you have been promised.

4. Tailored

Different people require different benefits. This has become apparent as people in different stages of their lives work the same type of job. Everyone needs different benefits and different plans.

Technology has allowed companies to tailor their benefit plans to the individual. This makes sure the company is not paying for benefits that will not be used and that the employee is getting what they need. Being able to tailor plans with technology has benefited both employees and employers immensely. 

5. The Cloud

There used to be a very real fear of paperwork going missing. Losing that paperwork could mean losing benefits for employees or paying more money for companies. That fear has been all but eliminated through the use of the cloud.

The cloud allows all of the information your company amasses in a safe, easy to access place. Because this place is entirely digital, it is very hard to lose any of the information you store there. This takes away the fear of losing information and promised benefits. 

6. Healthy Competition

Something that technology has provided companies is the ability to help their employees stay healthy. This is often done through company-wide competitions to exercise more or spend time playing games to improve their minds. This has helped companies spend less on medical emergencies and improved company morale. 

These games and competitions are also used by companies to make sure employees are understanding the information they are receiving. Keeping employees sharp and making sure everyone is functioning as a team was nearly impossible before technology was introduced to the workplace. 

7. Extended Leave

Maternity, or paternity, leave has always been a struggle. Many companies would prefer not to pay a person to stay home with their new child. The same can be said for medical leave.

Technology has allowed people to do some work at home so they can continue working and take longer leave. The ability to work remotely takes away a lot of the stress of going back to work and risking the happiness or your child or your own health. Companies cannot complain about you staying home when you are still working.

This ability to work from home has also made companies feel more secure paying people to stay home. The knowledge that employees will be able to work immediately after their leave is over keeps companies happy and improves company culture. Technology has allowed for more time at home to recover with minimum to no work. 

8. Financial Planning

Planning for your future has never been easier than it is today.  Technology has made keeping track of finances and spending simple. The ability to plan for retirement and the future is a benefit that few used to be able to look forward to, but it is now something every employee can do.

Financial planning on apps or online is an easy, stress-free way to handle your finances and future. Financial planning used to involve going into an office and trying to explain your hopes to someone you had never met before. Now you can track your progress yourself as you climb closer to the life you want.


Technology has improved our world in millions of ways. One of those ways is through employee benefits. The ability to use technology to make benefits more stream-lined, easy to understand, and accessible is a huge improvement to the benefits system.

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