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10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Entrepreneurship is not learned. It is a way of thinking, a lifestyle, the desire to be different, do different things, and start-up business ventures.

Successful entrepreneurs refuse to be confined to a set way of thinking. They constantly attempt to look at things in ways never imagined before; in ways that boggle the very mind that perceived the thought.

By thinking outside of the box, a successful entrepreneur always imagines the outcome of doing something differently. The thrill to find out the final result makes the successful entrepreneur challenge existing norms and identify alternate or complementary methods to achieve the same or even greater results.

Working with passion

The only way one can truly be successful in any venture is by being passionate about any undertaking. Successful entrepreneurs realize that the reason they keep going on at something is that they are devoted and have a genuine desire to keep working and going at their ideas. Passion is a product of self-drive. Success is always measured in how much commitment is put into it, and how much effort was devoted.

Constantly learning

Any successful entrepreneur is always on a learning curve. The thirst to keep knowing, and seeking information is paramount in remaining at the top of entrepreneurial success. Successful entrepreneurs not only learn from what they read, see, or hear, they also learn a lot from their own mistakes. Misjudgments are due to occur in entrepreneurship- learning, and moving forward, takes a learning attitude.

Perseverance and consistency

Perseverance calls for staying the course no matter the outcome, consistency calls for remaining firm in what one is doing without faltering. Entrepreneurship success is invalid if the entrepreneur is weak or easily gets discouraged. It calls for taking heart amid storms; it asks for never giving up and remaining hopeful and determined that the business will work out one way or the other. Remaining true and refusing to alter one’s thinking when discouragement comes knocking makes a sturdy and strong entrepreneur.

Self belief

A belief in the self is a major asset to any successful entrepreneur. Most successful entrepreneurs do not necessarily seek nor need the approval of others when they conceive a business idea. It is important for the successful entrepreneur to be self-confident and have a faultless belief that whatever they have conceived in their hearts or perceived in their minds is a reality that can come alive. Discouragements may come from close friends, family, and even acquaintances, but for as long as the dream is still there and the plan still viable, the source of inspiration and strength will always remain in the self.


Successful entrepreneurs carry on elements of risk. It is crucial however to note that their levels of risk are not as high contrary to popular belief that it is. Risk-taking is carefully thought out and plans of action drawn. If the risk is too high, successful entrepreneurs shy away from such ventures or propositions. Risk-taking is calculated, measured against objectives and realities, and weighed against the sacrifices and gains that need to be made. Not being optimists or pessimists, successful entrepreneurs are realistic in their risk-taking.

Money managers

The most important element of any entrepreneurial undertaking is money. Successful entrepreneurs understand the dynamics of money very well. They are prudent in their usage and its acquisition. They understand that money can disappear probably faster than it was made and make every effort in ensuring the business has consistent cash flows to take care of both short-term and long-term needs.

Business managers

Managing a business involves managing every variable instrumental in sustaining a business. This involves the management of staff, operations, and external clients. Successful entrepreneurs treat their employees well and have a good rapport with their clients. They run their businesses with professionalism and set high standards to be adhered to within their business ventures.

Qualities of a successful entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Explore these qualities to see what is natural and what needs to be further developed.

The qualities of a successful entrepreneur whether self-employed at home, running a small business, or a large corporation involve perspective and attitude. Some people have a natural entrepreneurial mindset, while others can develop these qualities over time.

Adopting a healthy perspective

Successful business people have a healthy perspective about life and work. They view challenges as opportunities. The word ‘problem’ doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. When a glitch arises they don’t feel blocked but are inspired to find creative solutions or search for hidden possibilities. They trust in their skills and knowledge that the perfect people, resources, and circumstances will arrive to support them.

Part of this healthy perspective involves being persistent and not giving up when the road gets bumpy. By focusing on what’s going well, rather than what’s not working, they keep the momentum moving towards success all the time.

Successful entrepreneurs have high expectations for themselves and other people. They expect their employees to do their best, and role model this in their own lives. They know their strengths and are willing to develop new skills if needed. Rather than criticize others who are falling short, they motivate them to do better by acknowledging their talents and supporting their growth.

Creating a positive attitude

Successfully self-employed people have a positive attitude. This goes hand in hand with their healthy life perspective. When issues arise, they approach them with a pragmatic yet optimistic approach. They don’t wallow in self-pity or blame others. Instead, they take responsibility for their situations and trust they have the resources to sort things out.

Having a positive, optimistic attitude stems from high self-esteem. Successful entrepreneurs have high self-regard, self-love, and self-worth. They share this outlook with others by seeing the best in their friends, family, and co-workers. They don’t waste energy complaining about life, they enjoy living it to the fullest. They also don’t procrastinate or allow distractions to interfere with their goals; they take action each day, even if that means resting for renewal.

Successfully self-employed people practice an attitude of gratitude. They see the blessings in life everywhere they look. They operate from a state of abundance instead of scarcity. They have healthy money beliefs and enjoy making a profit, knowing they are exchanging money for a highly valued service or product.

If these qualities of a successful entrepreneur come naturally to you, it will be easy to achieve success through self-employment or running your own business. If not, a healthy perspective and positive attitude can be developed with awareness and practice. What to focus on and what approach to take is a moment-to-moment choice.

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