Announcement of the ProBM2 Final Intellectual Output Delivery

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development presents the ProBM2 final intellectual output delivery, as the last deliverable expected from the ProBM2 strategic partnership. It is an initiative supported by the expertise of 6 European organizations.

ProBM2 Final Intellectual Output: An E-Learning Training Platform

The ProBM2 Erasmus+ project stands for “Understanding and Developing Business Models in the Globalisation Era”. It is an initiative designed on the underestimated concept of business models. Specifically, the project basis is that entrepreneurs-to-be often neglect this part when establishing a business, due to lack of pertinent knowledge and skills.

Visit the ProBM2 official webpage to learn more about the project, here.

With this intention, the partnership developed an e-learning platform that serves teaching and information sharing purposes, pertinent to business models. With this e-learning platform users can:

  • Deliver online courses.
  • Learners can evaluate themselves.
  • Furthermore, the platform can be an exchange point of information pertinent to teaching and business models’ development.

This is the final project’s deliverable, and it is intended for adult educators; training providers; anyone interested in pertinent knowledge and skills acquisition.

This ProBM2 final intellectual output consists of:

  • The full training content.
  • Th exercise material.
  • The evaluation methods.
  • A methodological guide addressed to adult educators.

Moreover, the platform’s contents will be available in the languages of the partner countries. Therefore, the material will be available in Polish; English; Romanian; Greek; Portuguese; and, Italian.

The Institute’s View

The ProBM2 final intellectual output signals the successful materialization of the project ProBM2. Our team is content with the overall project progress and the collaboration among the project partners.

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