Four reasons why you should get close to your employees

How do your employees view you? Are you their strict boss? The person that pays them and demands things from them? If yes then ask yourselves the following question. Is this the kind of relationship you want to have with the people you see every day? The people you work with and in particular the people that work for you and are, in large parts, responsible for the well being of your company?

Well, the answer is of course not. Being just another stereotypical boss that has nothing but demands and simply pays the employees is not the right way to run your company nowadays. You need to make sure that you will be close to your employees and with this article you will able to understand the perks of having a close relationship with the people that work for you.

  • More empathy towards the company.

For most employees, the company they work for is just a place to do a job and get a salary. When a better opportunity arrives they will take it. A company that will give them even a slightly bigger salary of the chance to get a promotion.

We are not suggesting that this is not a positive thing for an employee and that you need to discourage them from that type of thinking. What we are suggesting, however, is the fact that, your employees need to see your company as something more than just a place to work.

If your employees love your business and want to add to it for their personal success, they will be creating the professional opportunities themselves. The better the business goes the more likely they are to get a raise and even a promotion. By keeping a close relationship with your employees you will cultivate a comfort and a professional love towards the business and therefore help evolve and upgrade the company. It will become their goal not just an obligation

  • Being closer will help you understand their needs.

All employees have needs in the workplace. From simple things like changing the desk or needing a new coffee machine all the way to talking about the work schedule, the tasks and even the need for a raise or an extra leave. Employees need to know that their employer is a person that can understand what they need and will be able to figure out a way to help them and make them more comfortable.

If your employees know that you can sympathize and meet their needs, they will love working for you and your company. They will know that you are worth it not just as an employer but as a person as well.

  • Solve disputes between your employees

It is true what they say. That in some cases the employers need to distance themselves from the employees just to make sure that their judgment will not be clouded in case problems appear. And yes in some cases it is necessary. However, what will you do if there are problems between your employees and you do not know enough to help them fix those problems?

Let us take a possible scenario in mind. There is a fight between 2 of your employees regarding the job. Now you know that either no one else knows what happened or just a couple of other people do. Both of your employees’ opinions are supported just as much and since you were not present during the incident or close enough to know about their work you are not able to determine which employee is right and trusting the opinion of others is not easy since they could be biased.

Now if it is a simple work matter solving it might be a bit easier. You just take some time to look at the tasks, find the mistake and ask in order to learn whose responsibility it was to finish the task. But what if the problem goes a bit deeper than that? It is a usual phenomenon for some people to be a bit more difficult to work with and there are many reasons as to why this might be happening. You cannot be this close to all of your employees but by being a part of the ‘’deck’’ it will be easier for you to evaluate behaviors and help solve problems within the company workforce.

  • It will help you evolve on a personal and professional level

Employers that are just ‘’The Boss’’ and nothing more will never be able to completely enjoy their time at the office. When you walk in every day you will know that all the good morning are just typical. You know that everything you do that might affect the employees is not going to be well received because to them you will always be the person behind the big desk. It is sad to not be able to talk to the people you see every day. The people that are a huge part of your daily life.

Being close to your employees and understanding them will help evolve as an employer. It will be a lot easier for you to conduct a future interview to hire people. At the same time, it will help you anticipate situations and be one step ahead, simply because as part of the crew yourself, you will be able to see the signs but this time you will know that all of your employees will be by your side.

On a personal level, being close to your employees, a group that can be diverse in many different ways, will help you understand the way different people think and act in different situations. This will result in your developing skills and competencies as part of your emotional intelligence that you will be able to use in many different situations in your daily life as well and therefore develop as a person.

The workforce of a company, the people working for that company need to be a team. They need to work together to achieve maximum results. But a team cannot be leaderless and for your team you, the employer, ‘’The Boss’’, you are the leader. So make sure that you will be just that for your employees. Show them just how important they are for you. Just how much you care about their well being and exactly how valuable they are to your business.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer