EU Knowledge Valorisation Platform: Researchers’ Reference Point

The EU knowledge valorization platform is a virtual meeting point, that operates as a stimulus for society and the economy. In fact, it is an action that promotes sharing of scientifically accurate information and cooperation. Therefore, the fact that there is a reference point of knowledge and interaction, that is accessible to the research community; and redefines the context of EU research, by extending its boundaries.

EU Knowledge Valorization Platform: The Operation Framework

This platform is the result of two European researches, that redefined the principles of EU research. The platform is designed to become the common ground for researchers, that allows sharing of knowledge, best practices, and high-quality research outcomes, across Europe. The forum’s participants can interact, in the frame; and, they have the ability to form cooperation, that expands beyond the borders. In addition, this is an initiative that promotes knowledge, its exploitation, and encourages out-of-the-box tactics, through cross-sectoral synergies. The platform’s operation will abide by the code of practice, which is an act of intellectual property management reassessment, among the community of researchers.

Investing in research and innovation, is the first stage of transition towards a balanced society and an environmentally conscious Europe. However, delivering sustainable solutions is an additional key element, that is expected. This sharing process is aiming to become a source of influence for policy improvements. Furthermore, this initiative promotes putting knowledge into action; in particular, by implementations in the economic and societal context of Europe.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) acknowledges the EU knowledge valorization platform, as a significant step towards transition. Implementing theories, which are scientifically proven, can reshape society and economy, into a resilient and sustainable Europe.

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