Best practices for migration policies

The migration influx can most certainly be considered one of the most important problems for the European Union. There are so many policies that have been created based on the fact that, migrants keep coming every single day. However, there are so many different things that need to be taken under consideration, it is quite difficult to assume that a single policies going to be enough.

The Institute of entrepreneurship development along with expert partners on the field of EU projects was able to create databases filled with migration policies specifically created in order to help migrants get included in the European society and of course, work in order to become entrepreneurs on their own.

The EU projects that were implemented like for example Urbagri4women, or able to provide enough information in order for migrants to learn exactly what they need to do in order for them to be able to build their own businesses and help the European society evolved. That way, their integration has been a lot easier.


Now, the policies that were created and cataloged by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and partners are free to access by anyone interested in learning about these policies and of course, using them in order to help the situation. The migrants themselves have access to every single piece of that information.

It is very important for people to learn that racism towards migrants can most certainly cause the European Union, a lot more problems than solutions. If you want to make sure that you’re not going to be one of those people not helping then simply pay a visit to our website and check out one of our EU projects considering migrants.

At the same time, you can download our surveys and studies in order for you to see the professional work we have done helping migrants get integrated into European society. Our years of experience on the field have made as experts.

If you’re interested in forming a consortium and implementing an EU project on the field of migration make sure that you are going to contact our offices today. There are many things that we can offer in the consortium. Most importantly our experience working with migrants and helping them by guiding them towards entrepreneurship. You need expert partners and the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is definitely that partner.

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Julia Bachousi
Senior Project Manager

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