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Citizen science is nowadays considered to be one of the fastest developing and most promising areas in business development and community science direction. That crowdsourcing the public participation of volunteers in the discovery of new knowledge. It involves people collaborating towards a common goal, typically in data collection or analysis to create digital resources and new digital services. Facilitated by e-infrastructures, citizen science is a powerful instrument for social innovation and open science.

The IED has developed a work package that can be added to Horizon 2020 projects such as Exploring and supporting citizen science. This work package seeks not only to offer innovative forms of business development, but it is also exploring the opportunities for growth and jobs which community science can trigger for the small and medium-sized enterprises. The overall objective of the proposed WP is to investigate along with the community of the startups, the reasons of their establishment, the conditions, and parameters which enhance their development such as the intentions of the person and collective efficacy.

The activities that will take place in order for the implementation of the work package to be completed successfully are the following:

  1. Joint thematic surveys; needs related to citizen science, benchmarking and analysis of startups with the aim to:
    • understand the relationship between people, environment, and technology through real-world deployment and
    • foster citizen engagement through participatory data collection, analysis, and actions
  2. Combine citizen science with tech transfer and catalyze the process of business establishment.
  3. Conduct a review of current technologies used and identify opportunities in the development and application of new technologies in business.

If you are interested in this work package and want to include it in your project proposal you can declare your interest in adding the IED as a partner to your consortium by contacting our offices. Our professional employees will be able to provide the consortium with true expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and project management. Use our idea and gain a great EU Project partner at the same time!

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Director of Marketing Team & Financial Officer

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