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New Erasmus Projects presentation for the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development


On October 8th 2018, the implementation department of the IED presented the new European Projects that will be implemented within the next two to three years. As a partner in every one of these projects, the IED plans on working hard to achieve maximum results. The meeting and events that will take place, as well as the materials that will need to be created to successfully implement the projects, will prove the IED’s expertise on the field of entrepreneurship.

The thirteen new projects will surely expand our expertise and will help us by giving us the chance to acquire knowledge on various more subjects. Here is a small presentation of each one of the future projects that will be implemented by the IED:

1) mYouth Lead in Shaping the Future.

2) Up to Youth – Promoting Future Digital Social Entrepreneurs.

3) InnoTrain – Innovative Training in VET. Professional development of VET-business key actors for qualitative WBL experiences.

4) IRENE – Increase the empowerment of adults and migrants with specific learning disorders.

5) ALTERNATIVA – The power of community through social entrepreneurship.

6) Development of a training program for enhancing sustainable collaborative consumption in elder persons.

7) Deepening WBL Impact & women empowerment.

8) Women In Diaspora communities as champions of learning to live together.

9) Empower Teachers to Trigger Work-Based Learning.

10) Gamification Methods for Educational Management.

11) Equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

12) European Skills Competition for people with a labor disability.

13) Address Cyberbullying By Creating a Conscious Online Community.


These projects are going to address important thematics such as work-based learning, the circular economy, and social entrepreneurship. They also aim at empowering people with health conditions or impairments. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development will work to bring the results of these projects to the people and help make a difference for the European Society and the people that need assistance to make a difference in their lives.

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