Research Idea

Business Development & Community Science

TOPIC: Exploring and supporting citizen science

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 02 Apr 2019

Category: Business, Community Science, Startups
Target Group: Startups, Entrepreneurs

General Description

One of the fastest developing and promising areas in this direction is citizen science, based on crowdsourcing the public participation of volunteers in the discovery of new knowledge. It involves people collaborating towards a common goal, typically in data collection or analysis to create digital resources and new digital services. Facilitated by e-infrastructures, citizen science is a powerful instrument for social innovation and open science.

The WP seeks not only to offer innovative forms of business development, but it is also exploring the opportunities for growth and jobs which community science can trigger for the small and medium sized enterprises.

The overall objective of the proposed WP is to investigate along with the community of the startups, the reasons of their establishment, the conditions and parameters which enhance their development such as the intentions of the person and collective efficacy.

Output: Citizen science research


Research Idea