Business Evaluation Services for every Company

The financial management responsibilities are able to affect all aspects of a business. You need to be able to have perfect control in order for you to have a good profit. However, without proper financial evaluation, it is nearly impossible to keep the right track. Not knowing how to evaluate the finances of your business on your own is completely understandable these days.

There are so many aspects when it comes to businesses. A non-professional can find it very difficult to evaluate a company’s finances. And this is exactly why everyone needs a professional. Nowadays everything is being automatized. Therefore, it must not come as a surprise to learn that there are more than enough software out there being developed on a daily basis, specifically created for the business evaluation.

In particular, the IED has developed its own software for business evaluation. Valuater. Along with the amazing services that the IED can offer in business evaluation, the added value of the Valuater software can definitely provide excellent result regarding the result of the evaluation.

 In particular, through the business evaluation services, the IED can offer:

  • Capital needs– Calculate the capital necessary for your business
  • Financial scenarios– Predict cash flow needs over a five-year horizon
  • Financial review– Calculate the basic indicators of your business
  • Decision making– Choose the most suitable financing for your new expansion
  • Risk assessment– Estimate the financial risks of your next step
  • Firm evaluation– Evaluate and assess a new investment

At the same time, the Valuater software can provide SMEs and startups with risk assessment services, financial ratio analysis, firm valuation, thorough reporting and many more.

Though the implementation of many EU Projects and the experience and expertise on entrepreneurship, the IED is an expert on the field of business evaluation. The services provided by the Institute as well as the online tool, Valuater, can certainly be what every SME and Startup needs nowadays in order to secure financial stability and business progress.

If you want our business management and evaluation services or if you are interested in using the Valuater tool, visit our websites or contact us now. We can answer all of your questions and give you the reports you need in order to make your company a true success.

Thodoris Alexandrou
Business Development Manager

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