Agro E- guidance

Today, agriculture is one of the major economic factors all around the world. Every type of science, genetics, molecular biology, information technology, even space services, are working in order to support and help agriculture grow and evolve. Their efforts are aimed towards assisting production improvement at all the different levels. Scientists are returning to the primary field once again.

In its effort to assist the world of science and the world of agriculture, the IED has come up with a very special ‘’research idea’’. The Agro E-guidance. Through the implementation of this idea, the IED aims at enhancing the complementary action, in order to produce products and services from the exploitation of innovation and the effective cooperation between agricultural research and practice.

The idea will work as a collection of already existing scientific knowledge and innovation that will easily be translated into understandable end-user material for farmers and foresters. As an online platform, it will provide guidelines for agriculture innovation and information exchange

There are certain activities that will take place in order to promote the creation of this platform. These activities are:

  • Methodology development
  • Elaboration of Content
  • Development of the platform and uploading of all contents

With these steps being followed to the letter, the platform will soon bring amazing results towards the development of the world of agriculture. This idea can be part of the Horizon 2020 Thematic networks compiling knowledge ready for practice call.

If you are interested in adding this idea to your Horizon 2020 proposal then contact us today and make us a partner in your H2020 consortium. Our expertise in entrepreneurship and our experience in EU Project implementation can be of great assistance to every consortium.

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Katerina Pariza
Software Development Director

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