Research idea

Agro E- guidance

TOPIC: Thematic networks compiling knowledge ready for practice

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 23 Jan 2019

Category: Agriculture, Consultation
Target Group: Farmers, Foresters, Entrepreneurs

General Description

It is the time that genetics, molecular biology, information technology and space services all come to the service of agriculture in order to improve production at all levels. Scientists in all fields of study are again engaged in the primary field.

Main objective of the Agro E-guidance is to enhance complementary actions, in order to produce products and services from the exploitation of innovations and the effective cooperation between agricultural research and practice.

Agro E-guidance will be a collection of existing scientific knowledge and innovation, translated into easily understandable end-user material for farmers and foresters. It will be an online platform with guidelines for agricultural innovation and information exchange. This form of intervention can be integrated by intelligent use, a hub of an on-line intervention and resource system, and a new gateway to resources and services

Output: Agro E-guidance platform


Research idea