Smart Cultural labs

Every city nowadays faces new challenges. At the same time, new opportunities arise. This is mainly caused due to the constant changing in the environment. In order for cities to adjust to the new order of things, take advantage of the right opportunities and deal with new challenges they need to understand the way the environment changes.

The changes in the environment can greatly affect the social and economic development of a city. If the city considers this as an opportunity then this is a great chance to upgrade the quality of life of its citizens. There has to be a process of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental objectives need to be balanced. And always based on the needs of the city in question.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is able to propose the creation of a network of Smart Cultural Labs that will work in order to include urban design proposals on various issues like, for example, upgrading, rehabilitation, and sustainable development of all urban spaces. This network will give particular attention to the possibilities of preserving, through a context of sustainable development of the traditional character and the characteristics – social, historical, ecological and morphological characteristics.

The activities that will take place in order to create and promote this network are the following:

  • Research and promotion of networking between areas that could be highlighted as sustainability models.
  • Creation of Smart Cultural Labs where citizens have the opportunity to express their ideas about cultural issues (heritage, beliefs, identities, habits, traditions, popular culture, ethnic groups, minorities, discrimination segregation, etc.), and express them through multimedia / audiovisual language with digital storytelling and augmented reality. Smart Culture Labs are non-formal spaces in that aim to develop projects that promote Cultural Literacies.
  • Creation of a digital platform for sharing and linking Smart Culture Labs. The link between Smart Culture Labs will allow the creation of the Network of Smart Culture Labs. This platform will be simultaneously the online spaces of sharing and collaborative work.

 Smart Cultural Labs is the kind of idea that, if integrated into a Horizon 2020 project like Transforming historic urban areas and/or cultural landscapes into hubs of entrepreneurship and social and cultural integration can make a great difference. If you want that idea as part of your proposal then contact the IED today and let us become your partner for the successful implementation of a Horizon 2020 proposal!

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