Personnel Assessment

Every company has a goal to achieve. Every employer has a personal goal that wants to see accomplished. Every employee has professional goals that need to be met. All of those things demand personal as well as professional evolution and everyone is, of course, trying for the best. But how will you know whether you do have the professional evolution needed for your workplace?

Personal assessment must be a number one priority for everyone in a company. As an employer, are you sure that you are doing a good job, supporting and encouraging your employees? As an employee, are you able to show that you do your best and that your work matters to you? You need to be able to show that your personal effort is done with the sole purpose of improving and upgrading the company.

Managers, however, cannot keep track of all of their employees and their personal effort. Most of the time, that effort takes a while to give results and it is completely reasonable to assume that, without actual results, the employers might get a little frustrated. This is where Performance Management comes in.

Here, in the IED, we have taken matters into our own hands when it comes to assessing our own work and at the same time, helping companies improve by providing them with the tools needed in order to manage and organize their performance. We can help you by providing you with professional services that focus on the performance of an organization, a project, a department, an employee or even the entire company.

Our experience on the field of EU Project has given us the expertise needed in order to be able to help EU partners monitor and manage their EU Project to the maximum. Our software is able to provide, Personnel Assessment, EU Project Evaluation, and Employee Satisfaction services. With our services, personnel appraisal is done the right way!

Our V-assessment software is the ultimate method of personnel appraisal, as it captures “onsite” a person’s actual responses to and activities within the environment of a “real” work position, thus helping evaluate the way he performs professional tasks and makes decisions.

You can find more information about our service if you check our Performance Management page today. You can contact our highly trained staff, to answer all of your questions and maybe even give you the right guidelines on how to improve your personal and professional performance. Trust the services of a qualified, experienced EU Project Organization. Trust the IED!

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