Cyclefi – Winner of SEUA 2018

The Startup Europe Awards are making sure to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and of course startup companies, every way they can. This is why every year dozens of startups are competing for a chance to win a good place in the awards. The competition is massive. So many amazing ideas and so many companies that are more than capable of winning the desirable awards. But every year it is only one company from each country that has the chance to win the awards and compete to the Startup Europe Awards.

This year, in Greece the startup that won first place and will now compete against the other European startups is Cyclefi. Cyclefi is a platform that provides customers with online offers, deals, and coupon as long as they take part in the recycling program by the company SANITAS under the name o ‘’SANITAS by Cyclefi’’

This is a truly great initiative as it provides consumers with the opportunity to actually start recycling seeing as now they have a motive and an opportunity to win something out of the recycling process.

It is, of course, saddening, the fact that people need to think that the only reason they should recycle is so that they can win a prize but things need to start somewhere. This platform will be able to show people the need to start recycling even if it is through the process of winning a prize.

This innovating idea brought something new to Greece. Greece is not one of the countries known for the actions taken for recycling. Therefore these types of actions will most certainly be able to provide the Greek people with the ability to start recycling and understand why it is so important to start doing it. The idea promotes the safety of the environment and it is certainly the type of idea that can be good on a social, environmental as well as financial level.

During the 2018 Startup Europe Awards, the Greek winner was also the winner of the entire competition. Here is the acceptance speech that was given in front of dozens of people including many European startuppers:

Acceptance Speech:

“I am so delighted and honored to see Cyclefi recognized and awarded as the Best European Startup in the Smart City category. I am especially grateful for the time and energy the judges took in making that decision, which makes this honor more valuable to us, as Cyclefi has been distinguished at such a high level among excellent and very competitive ideas around Europe. Startup Europe Awards & Finnova, are the perfect third-party endorsement, we were looking for to add extra credibility on Cyclefi, and came to us at the right time, just before the official commercial launch of our service. This award means a lot to us and represents a massive vindication of this quite innovative solution that we offer. Thank you again Finnova & Startup Europe Awards for this huge honor!”

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, being the organization responsible for the Startup Europe Awards for Greece is very happy to announce this year’s winner as wish all the future startups the best for the years to come. This year’s winner is a true representative of the concept of entrepreneurship and it is an absolute pleasure for the IED to work with these organizations and help them promote their ideas and the spirit of entrepreneurship all around the world.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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