IED: A strong stakeholder for the Startup Europe Awards

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important factors for the economy of every country. Entrepreneurs and young minds that are ready to work and bring a new idea on the table certainly receive a much bigger wave of appreciation. They are after all the ones that will form the future economy for the generations to come as well as the new concept behind businesses.

Many actions are been taken every year to promote innovation in business and startup companies. Startups and utterly linked with entrepreneurship. Basically, you cannot have a startup company without entrepreneurship supporting it. Therefore making sure to know everything there is to know about entrepreneurship is a number one priority.

Through the implementation of major actions like the Startup Europe Awards, startup companies all around Europe have the ability to compete and are given a chance to win the awards that will lead them to the top. The awards that will show the world how great and innovative their idea is and held the door of success open for them.

For Greece, these awards are very important. They can give young people the opportunity to create their own ideas of a startup and have a chance to actually chase their dream by building their network and perhaps even find the funding they need to get started. It is important, however, to have a strong support that will help you and in the case for Greece, the startups have the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.

The IED is a key stakeholder for the Startup Europe Awards. Working every year with startup companies from all around Greece, the institute is able to promote the concept of entrepreneurship and business and help maximize the chances of these startups towards their ultimate goal. The Startup Europe Awards and of course true success on the field on startups and entrepreneurship.

If you want to learn more about the IED’s actions for the Startup Europe Awards, our contribution and of course how these actions are able to help startuppers all you have to do is pay a visit to our website and see everything we have offered and still have to offer to entrepreneurs and startuppers all around Greece.

The IED will always be here, ready as ever to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship through events, awards, European projects and of course the services that our experts have made possible for us to be able to give to the world.

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