Digital Learning Nuggets

As the world of education is changing, more and more methods and techniques are emerging every day. Their aim is to promote faster and more accurate learning with better results. One of those techniques is digital learning nuggets. The technique has proven to be very, very effective as it is able to minimize the time needed to receive education on specific subject matters. But what are Digital Learning Nuggets and how are they able to help promote education?

Digital Learning Nuggets is a term used to describe a mini learning education activity that is less than 5 minutes in length. The nuggets may vary depending on the subject matter. As an example, try to imagine any modern type of online learning course that uses videos.

The videos of the course can vary in amount depending on the information on the subject matter. However, the videos are never over five minutes long and they are following a specific structure. There is always a content presentation, some diagnostics on the subject matter. Then we can find videos that answer scenario-based questions on the matter and another video of reflection questions.

In the main body of the lesson, we have the videos with the specific details of the subject which is usually divided into sections. And last but not least we have the assignments, discussions and so on. Basically, nuggets are able to break the entire lesson to smaller, 5-minute long videos that contain only the most essential of information, regarding the subject matter.

Subconsciously, nuggets are helping the learner acquire the necessary knowledge through smaller learning sessions that are making the subject easier to comprehend, by focusing on keypoint that really interest the learner. At the same time, through answering questions and firing up discussions between the learners, these videos increase the engagement and bring better results.

Although video snippets are the most popular, Digital Learning Nuggets can have many different forms. It could be a pop quiz or some kind of interactive animation, perhaps even a short educational game. In any way, the effectiveness depends on the type of the nugget as much as it does on the subject matter of the learning process.

Digital Learning Nuggets are being used in multiple different ways and for all types of projects, due to their popularity and their effect.  It is no surprise that some of Europe’s most promising European Projects are using Digital Learning Nuggets as a technique to promote the projects’ educational material.

One such project is the Digitize Enterprise through which a toolkit is being developed to help educate young people in the field of digitization and the labor market to enhance youth work, using Digital Learning Nuggets.

You can get more information about this project by visiting the official website. The toolkit appears to be a promising endeavor that will be able to help young people all around the world. Are Digital Learning Nuggets the future of digital education? The results remain to be seen!

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