Digital Skills that will lead to Success

On Wednesday of April 26th, the partners of the project the Erasmus+ “Pathways for Employ”, held the 2nd transnational meeting. Specifically, the partners came from Spain, Latvia, Ireland and Belgium to the city of Larissa in which they were welcomed by the members of Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. Digital skills are the main subject of the project!      

The meeting began with the findings of the research that each partner conducted about the identification and the recognition of digital competences based on the DIGCOMP framework as a benchmark, which takes into account the digital competences of citizens that are required by any individual who wants to be an entrepreneur or to work in virtually, regardless of the field of activity in both cases.

During the meeting, a multi-hour workshop was conducted in which the digital skills of the two profiles were studied and analyzed.

Some of the main and basic digital skills that are drawn by the research, which a person needs to have in order to become an entrepreneur or to work in virtually highlight below:

  • Interaction and communication through digital technologies
  • Sharing data and digital skills content through technology
  • Solving technical problems and protecting digital identity
  • The use of digital tools and innovative digital processes and methods
  • Planning and developing clear guidelines for understanding a computing system
  • Recognition and understanding of copyrights and licenses in data and information that is digitally distributed
  • Security measures and privacy
  • Proper use of technology tools for the recovery, evaluation, storage, production, presentation and exchange of information
  • Creating digital knowledge and improving digital content
  • Participation and networking via the Internet

The ultimate aim of the project is to develop an online platform as a web assessment tool that will allow users to assess their digital skills and competencies aligned with the DIGCOMP framework that will be able to be adopted at European level by target groups and stakeholders.

The next meeting is scheduled for the Fall of 2017, in Ireland, where the procedures for the final form and structure of the platform will be discussed before its launch.

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