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Digital social entrepreneurship as a way to fight unemployment


In the real world of business, unemployment is becoming a massive problem. Especially among people from the age of 18 to the age of 24. It is quite a common phenomenon nowadays to see people at that age unable to find employment. Unfortunately, a very large percentage of that unemployment is because of the lack of digital literacy amongst young people.

What is the level of your digital skills?

Yes, for a lot of people out there it is completely reasonable to assume that everyone knows how to use digital means to do the job. And yes, in most cases most young people do know how to browse the Internet, use a computer and in general have very good knowledge of the digital world. However, that is not the truth for everyone. And we need to understand that not everyone has the same values and not everyone is raised in the same way.

Unemployment nowadays can become an obstacle. Companies are not able to evolve and at the same time, young people are not able to make their dreams come true because they are not able to enter the labour market in the way they want. They might have brilliant ideas however they do not know how to bring them to life. If however, they had the digital literacy needed they will be able to create better systems and much more efficient companies.

Digital skills in Europe

In Europe, the percentage is quite high but relatively lower compared to other continents. Of course, the European Union plays a very important role in this particular case. It is of the essence for the European Union to promote actions that will involve the digital skills and competencies of people, not only young people, across Europe and give them a fighting chance in the real world of business. Through projects implemented under big financial umbrellas like the Erasmus+ Programme, the European Union gives opportunities to everyone.

One of these projects is the Up to Youth project. By paying a visit to the project’s official website you can find and download the analysis report “Promoting Future Digital Social Entrepreneurs” that is going to be able to give you a pretty good idea regarding the numbers across Europe when it comes to digital illiteracy, lack of digital skills and competencies and of course, unemployment.

The Up To Youth Project

This project, as well as others just like you, do not focus on just finding the numbers and the facts. It also focuses on enhancing those skills and allowing people to acquire them in a way to fight unemployment. As it appears, on a worldwide level digital innovation is basically what moves the market.

In a few years, people will not have the luxury of not knowing how to use a computer or not having digital skills and competencies. A person without them will simply not have a fighting chance in the labour market. As a young person nowadays, you need to ensure that you will find a way to evolve your digital skills and competencies in such a way that will later give you a fighting chance is in the labour market.

The importance of digital literacy

You need to remember that you need to always train yourself to become better. Lifelong training is important and here’s why. As the labour market evolves companies evolve. Labour market involves based on the technological achievements of the day.

In a few years, the technological achievements will be on a completely new level. In other words, the skills you might possess right now will be obsolete in 10 or even 15 years. However, you’re still going to be part of the labour market that you will still need to evolve your skills and learn how to produce results based on the technological achievements of the time.

Digital skills and the labor market

The digital world is also going to change. Things are going to become a lot more complicated and a lot easier at the same time. The people who will be raised during that time, digital skills and competencies will be a lot easier to acquire. However, the people who are not from that age it will be a lot more difficult for them to be able to walk hand-in-hand with that status quo.

The more you evolve your skills and competencies the more likely you are to be able to acquire new digital skills that will give you the opportunity you have always wanted in the labour market. If you’re looking for a way to combat unemployment on a personal level that this is the right way for you to do things. Start evolving your digital skills and competencies today. Learn about the projects that will help you gain new knowledge and will give you the opportunity you have been looking for to become a valuable stakeholder in the European labour market.

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