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FlexiTour Intellectual Output 3: A Platform with Upskilling Opportunities

FlexiTour Intellectual Output 3: A Platform with Upskilling Opportunities

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is delighted to announce the FlexiTour intellectual output 3 delivery. This output is an e-learning platform developed to meet the goals of the “Flexi-Tour – Flexible up-skilling pathways for professionals in the field of tourism” EU project.

The FlexiTour Intellectual Output 3

After a succession of high-quality results, FlexiTour intellectual output 3 completes the strategic partnership’s mission. The development of the Flexi-Tour platform fulfills the aim of a digital spot with material to support the upskilling effort of tourism professionals. Therefore, boost professionals’ performance; and, by extension, the quality of customer service experience.

The content of the Flexi-Tour e-learning platform consists of:

  • Interactive upskilling material.
  • Pertinent tools.
  • Finally, additional learning resources; for instance, videos, reports, podcasts, and other OERs.

The Core of FlexiTour Project

The IO3 delivery intends to contribute to the FlexiTour overall goal of empowering the tourism sector actors. The emerging tendencies and the technology integration resulted in the field’s advancement, while complicated the demand regarding professionals’ qualifications. The purpose of this Erasmus+ project is to fill in the blanks of tourism, due to its progression, through upskilling the sector’s agents.

Five organizations partnered to contribute to the FlexiTour initiative, from Slovakia; Italy; Greece; and, Spain.

Visit the official web page and learn more about FlexiTour.

Our team is content with the IO3 delivery; and, the overall progression of the project.

Since 2005, iED supports projects that promote entrepreneurship; and, in this case, initiatives that promote sustainable development of tourism. Reach out to our team of professionals and find out more about the organization’s activity.

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