iED’s action on Gender Equality

The lack of gender equality still exists globally despite of substantial national and international measures that have been taken towards gender equality.

Organizations, activists and women as individuals are finally letting their voice be heard. The cultural and social standards need to change. Everyday more and more people are speaking on the matter and we can now see some change. But there is still a long way to go. Help needs to come from all different sides.

The Global Gender Gap Report of 2013 states that in European Union exists both the top four countries for gender equality, with Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden ranking 1st through 4th respectively, and it also contains two nations ranked in the bottom 30 countries, Albania at 108 and Turkey at 120. However, despite the disparity, EU continues to make advances in the many factors that are used to determine a nation’s gender gap rates (The Global Gender Gap Report 2013, World Economic Forum, Switzerland).

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is one of those organizations. And when it comes to the matter of gender equality IED has a lot of experience to offer and great results to present. IED along with other experienced partners, has implemented a lot of proposals on the field and here are some of them


Open Mind is an innovative project that aims at teaching Social Entrepreneurship to female learners and students, from completely diverse fields of study, using open online courses and a gamified platform. The platform provides a unique and memorable experiential learning environment which will allow female students and learners to develop entrepreneurship knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and mindset at the same time.

GEEA: Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All

European gender equality strategies help address some of the remaining gender gaps like the employment gab between men and women. GEEA helped improve women’s presence in the labor market by facilitating the work-life balance and promoting female entrepreneurship.  The project intended to raise awareness regarding equal opportunities especially in VET education and promoted entrepreneurship education as a solution to the gender gap in the employment rate


It is important to actively involve migrant women in the European society to achieve Gender Equality. Urbagri4women is an implementing AMIF project, specifically created to provide migrant women with the opportunity to escape unemployment by integrating them in the receiving society with urban agricultural practices.

The aim of these projects is simple. To take steps towards securing social integration, employment and financial independence for the migrants, by helping them develop basic skills and key competences. The methodology used to support the entrepreneurship evolution of the immigrants has been developed by the iED and other experienced organizations on sensitive matters like the migration phenomenon.

Women’s Social Entrepreneurship: A path to equality

This project focused on Gender Equality and on women living in remote rural areas and facing limited choices as far as their professional integration is concerned. Through consultation, networking and project exploitation activities, women that already own a business and women that wished to become entrepreneurs had the opportunity to enhance and strengthen their knowledge, but also their professional standing, something closely interlinked with their social status and professional development.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, continues its hard work on gender equality in all its forms by constantly implementing new projects on the field.

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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