Needs and challenges of rural entrepreneurs in EU and regional areas

In order to facilitate the adoption of the innovative business model based on the concept of the living labs that will be developed within LIVERUR project (RAIN tool), one of the main activities will be to develop a unique and integrated online environment for incubating the RAIN tool – the RAIN platform facilitating the concept of entrepreneurship.

In order to optimize the development of the RAIN platform, LIVERUR piloting partners with the guidance and support of iED, the lead expert of entrepreneurship in Europe, will firstly implement round tables with the participation of rural entrepreneurs in order to gather the needs and challenges these entrepreneurs are facing. 20 entrepreneurs will participate in each roundtable who will be also interviewed based on a structured questionnaire.

The roundtables will take place from November 2018 until July 2019 in the following countries/areas:

  • Austria
  • Spain / Murcia
  • Czech Republic / Bohemia
  • Malta / Gozo
  • Azores / Archipelago
  • Slovenia
  • France / Provence Alpes Cote d’ Azur & West of France
  • Latvia
  • Turkey
  • Italy / Lake Trasimeno & Reggio Emilia
  • Tunisia / Gabes Governorate

Following the implementation of the roundtables, iED will develop an overall report presenting the main findings and conclusions that will emerge from the survey.

Stay tuned for the results!


Panagiotis Koutoudis
Lead Manager

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