Career Counselling Services: 100+ Best Practices

When it comes to the workplace, best practices will always play a very important role in the professional evolution in any field. Without proper knowledge of the way best practices can be used and of course, the best practices themselves, it is nearly impossible for anyone to manage and have the fast evolution that they might be looking for. And apart from professional evolution, there is another very important reason as to why best practices are essential in the workplace.

An employee or an employer that is well aware of the best practices needed in the workplace and how to to use them can benefit the company greatly. If an employee has a good professional evolution then that means that the company is doing great as well. Starting from one person this can affect the entire business and that is the objective in every case.

Most people, however, are not even aware of the fact that there is such a thing as best practices. Or perhaps they are using some of them but do not know exactly what they are. If only there was a way for them to get the full extent of knowledge regarding best practices in the workplace and how they can take advantage of them.

Well, there is. The European Union has always been paying extra attention to matters that can help promote entrepreneurship and professional evolution, especially among young people. Therefore, under THE 2014-2016 EU Project, PROmoting Management and Entrepreneurial THinking among the career counselors and guidance practitioners in the EU Societies, PROMETHEUS a guideline handbook to Best Practices on the professional field was created by the project partners, specifically created in order to assist both employed as well as unemployed individuals improve their professional knowledge regarding the workspace, their own profession and of course their evolution.

100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book is a virtual library of best practices for career counseling and guidance activities in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Greece, and the UK. 100+ e-Book includes information about the best practices, description of the practices, links to their authors/ owners, useful information about the addressed target groups and the approach used.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, an expert on the field of entrepreneurship, made sure to bring all of the expertise that has been gathered over the years to create this perfect e-book that can change the career of so many people. If you are looking for the right ways to make your professional evolution easier and your ascension in the workplace come faster, get the e-book today and start reading. Everything you need is right here ready to help you become the best!

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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