Promoting development in the South Mediterranean region

The recent economic and political crisis in the South Mediterranean region and the high unemployment rates among young educated people show that access to higher education isn’t sufficient for economic and political stability and job creation. As everywhere in the world, manufacturing companies are increasingly searching for knowledge to comply with the three main systems as a whole: Quality, Environment and Health and Safety.

The SM Weld project promotes a novel education and training model of university-industry link to foster the quality of the workforce while contributing to knowledge transfer; increasing employability of engineers and technical staff as well as supplying the North-African industry with highly qualified personnel.

The project has the purpose to join universities, enterprises and society,

  • to foster employability – through learning innovation, specialization, training and qualification
  • to enhance entrepreneurship – through the creation of joining consultancy of welding trainers and welding audit firms

18 project partners from Europe and South Mediterranean aim to implement the International System for Higher Education and Practical Qualification of Welding Personnel based on the harmonized European System for Welding. In this way the partners want to contribute to welfare and improve the standards of life in project countries by securing and creating new jobs in strategic manufacturing areas.

iED as project partner has developed the projects’ quality assurance plan as well as the business plan for the Welding Center.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer