Circular bio-based business models for rural communities

The evolution of the global market is a reality. Business models need to evolve in order for businesses to have a chance of fighting in the competitiveness game.  Business models are now mandatory perhaps, even more than the innovation of actual products. It is a priority for the European Union to promote new and innovating ideas regarding business models and that can be achieved through the implementation of big financial frameworks like the Horizon 2020.

IED’s action for business evolution

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, being an expert on entrepreneurship and business evolution, already aims to utilize a multi-method approach to business models’ analysis utilizing both object-oriented analysis and system dynamics in order to assess supremacy, based on a circular bio-based economy concept.

The objective of the IED’s idea is to increase the potential for rural economic diversification, increase the resilience to climate and global changes, improve the delivery of ecosystem services through an innovative form of valorization, the necessity for business competitiveness and resilience, innovativeness, sustainability, smart farming, food security, and efficient resource management.

Modern business activities

In particular, the activities that will be taking place in order for the idea to be perfectly implemented are the following:

  1. Identification of innovative business models that are developing in rural areas and have significant potential to create added value.
  2. Identification of models that foster a more sustainable mobilization of resources, improve cooperation between actors along the value chain and across traditional and developing sectors.
  3. Cooperation to boost scaling up and cross-border adoption of the new business model.

As an expert in the field of entrepreneurship IED is ready to offer its expertise and become a part of a strong consortium for the implementation of the European financial framework Horizon 2020. If you are a part of such a consortium or are interested in forming the one you can contact us now and set up a strong foundation for a successful implementation!

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