Non-for-Profit Sharing Economy platform

We all know that the elderly are most certainly one of the most vulnerable groups all around Europe. The truth is that technology is evolving so fast that, and some groups of people, like the elderly, actually find themselves in a very difficult position. They are not able to cope with the way the world works now and the fast and uncontrollable evolution.

It is our responsibility, the responsibility of the younger generations to make sure that the elderly are going to be treated carefully and correctly. We need to make sure that, they are going to be helped in their journey to adapt to this new world. That they will be able to adjust and of course, be completely taken care of through the use of modern technology.

Since this is a very big priority for the European Union, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that, the big financial framework Horizon 2020 is actually covering this particular subject. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has actually developed an idea in order to be able to help support active and healthy aging.

The general description of the ideas quite simple. We are talking about a non-for profit sharing economy that will be able to help out people with the use of ICT platforms and powerful toolkits. These toolkits and platforms will be able to help out the people become a lot more active and integrated into the new society. Although this potential is not getting completely explored due to several factors, it is definitely the kind of idea that can be implemented and of course, provide the right results.

The IED will provide high-quality adapted learning materials tailored to the needs of individual low skilled or low qualified elder persons so they acquire digital skills related to the exploitation of ICT non-for profit sharing economy platforms. This will promote, through an innovative integrated approach, the inclusion of elder people based on the exploitation of the potential of non-for profit sharing economy.

An e-Training Platform will be developed, including a collection of existing e-learning Tools for supporting the understanding and implementation of the Training materials and Designed Experiential Training Activities.

The e-Platform will be developed including;

  • Supporting ICT Tools
  • e-Learning Tools
  • Existing ICT Sharing Economy Platforms
  • Exhibitor of training content to provide participants, information, resources, support materials.
  • Meeting point for all participants, not only to monitor the contents of the formations but also as a place of debate and social network through the use of forums, chat, mail and messaging, among others.
  • Working space in which the participants as well as access to resources and documentation, can also perform and deliver tasks.
  • Area of collaborative work, with the possibility to create and organize working groups.

If you believe that this idea can be integrated into your Horizon 2020 proposal then you can contact our offices today. The IED is a strong partner for European projects. You will definitely be able to start a successful collaboration with us. Make sure that you will contact us today and ask about our idea to achieve the best results possible and the effective implementation of your proposal.

Dr. Anastasios Vasiliadis

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