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Developing a startup company is just as difficult as it sounds. There are many things that need to be taken into account. From the innovative idea all the way to the funding needed in order to start. There are so many more things that need to be done in the process of creating the startup and of course so much more after you launch. You need people to see your startup. You need to start building your brand name. You need exposure and good marketing.

Your digital footprint will play a very important role in this particular case. Nowadays without an active and proper online presence, your startup will not have a lot of chances in succeeding in becoming known to the world. And that needs to change as fast as possible. When it comes to building a name for your startup there are so many different things that you will need to take into account. There are things that have to do with your social inclusion as a person, as a startup, technical things that need to be done for your website and so many more.

There are two major factors that will influence the course of your startup. The first one is your personal branding and all the things you will do to improve yourself and your business. You must never stop learning. Everything that is new to the world of business could be of potential use for your startup. Keep getting informed every day and study to learn more things about how you can develop your products or services.

You must remember that connections are a must for your business. Without connections, you will not be able to build your professional network and a business is based on the professional network. Building your connections means that you will need to put yourselves and your company out there. You need to take part in surveys, events, and competitions regarding your startup. That will help you meet people, make connections and put your company out there for the world to see.

Now when it comes to the digital footprint of your company, things are a little different and a lot more technical. Equally as important as personal, face-to-face branding, your online presence needs to be strong and reflect everything that your company can do. Your website needs to be perfectly built and your content accurate and specific.

SEO is one of the most important processes for a website. It covers everything, from the content of your website all the way to external links and references. A lot more technical with specific strategies that can be followed but just as difficult to achieve. There are multiple tools that can help you build and develop your company’s SEO and you need to take advantage of all those tools in order to achieve maximum results.

One of the tools that could be really helpful to you and your startup is the StartupEurope platform. As an online directory, you can use this website to upload details of your startup and get listed among the many innovative startups all around Europe. This will add precious links to your website, thus improving your SEO score, you will receive email notification about competitions, events and surveys for your startup to be a part of and last but not least you will earn a certified badge from the StartupEurope team that you can use on your website as a member of the StartupEurope community.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, an expert in the field of entrepreneurship and startups, is the creator of StartupEurope. The aim is to create the biggest online catalog with Startups that Europe has ever seen. The IED is committed to the promotion and innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer

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