Student kit – Education and training for Gender equality

Student kit specially configured to ensure the education and training for Gender equality.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development supports and contributes to the promotion of women entrepreneurship and gender equality, by creating a kit just for students.

At this stage of the project, we have developed the student toolkit. These tools are not intended to be a set of rules, but they help students to take effective action and rapid progress through learning from others’ experiences.

This set includes training, guidance, but also individual and group activities that are not mandatory. These activities will help students avoid discrimination, ensure gender equality and harness the benefits of entrepreneurship for their future career. Additional practical tips and links to useful resources will help students to start or expand a good practice.

The set describes useful principles for a gender and entrepreneurship approach to guide all training programs. It also provides answers to some of the most common misconceptions and arguments against gender-specific education. Finally, it gives specific strategies and actions to implement gender equality in key areas of education.

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