The EU Yeah Project!

Entrepreneurship and the importance of entrepreneurial ventures in the Mediterranean area add great value to the evolution of local financial entities. Entrepreneurship is especially important when it comes to youth. Across Europe, youth unemployment is reaching dangerous levels and entrepreneurship could be the solution to the problem.

There is a need for new entrepreneurial ideas. Something exciting that will open up a new market for your people to evolve. This is why the EU Yeah project that is being implemented under the Erasmus+ financial framework, is so important.

It is rather known that the modern lifestyle does not reflect agriculture as one of the most popular occupations. Hundreds of young people migrate from villages or rural areas in which they’ve been living to cities and struggles to seize better job opportunities.

Youth unemployment is increasing and agriculture does seem to be a good place to start applying new entrepreneurial ideas. According to scientific research, agricultural production will promote employment for young people in Turkey and Europe and be one of the most significant dynamics of sustainable development.

In this project what we aim to provide a chance to young people for them to become agricultural entrepreneurs in the field of aquaponics. Aquaponic is a beautiful term that combines aquaculture (aqua) and hydroponic (-ponic). It is originally breeding fish and it grows various plants at a single place by saving lots of natural resources. As a result of being combined, breeding fish and planting should be made in an ecological farming way.

Objectives of the Project

  • To make the young farmers in Turkey and all over Europe learn about and produce some plants which are used as raw materials for medical drugs such as daisy, adders-tongue, hibiscus, gentian, mint, and thymus by using Aquaponic systems.
  • To use Aquaponic systems, in order to grow plants, that %20 of them are in danger of extinction in the near future.

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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