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Upgrade E-adults IO1: Towards Inclusive Education

Upgrade E-adults IO1: ?owards Inclusive ?ducation

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) announces Upgrade E-adults IO1. It The project’s plan is built on the priority of education across the generations. Nevertheless, its design is aiming at having an impact, to a greater extent.

Upgrade E-adults: A Short Account

Upgrade E-adults is an international Erasmus+ strategic partnership project. In summary, the overall aim is to bridge the gap between education and digital skills. In addition, its design attempts to incorporate the priority of education across generations, with a focus on adult learning. A strategic approach is being developed to face the root problem. Therefore, the key element of this research is to equip adult trainers.

In particular, the objectives of Upgrade E-adults are the following:

  • Collect and exchange of good practices, on the subject of training trainers, in an innovative manner.
  • To develop material and structure a training course and adult educators. The course design incorporates sustainability.
  • Mapping the lack of ICT and digital skills for adults and create a system that corresponds to them.
  • Among the objectives, are the efficient dissemination of the results.

It is a research that its results will improve the life quality of individuals; the latter will value creation; and, they will acquire flexibility in their working life. To a greater extent, its outcome will have impact on a greater societal context, as it will diminish the risk of social exclusion.

Upgrade E-adults IO1: One Step Closer

IO1 is the first outcome that will contribute to the overall aim. It contains the collection of good practices and sharing them among the partners of this initiative. The key element of this step is social media and their complete deployment that will lead us towards digital literacy for adults.

Finally, the partners are from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Sweden.

We strongly believe in this project, and Upgrade E-adults IO1 is a promising step towards the overall goal, we have set. If you would like to contribute, in any way, on this subject; please do not hesitate to contact us.

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