Work Well-Being Manager Training Course: For Balanced Workplace Management

The benefits of workplace innovation in productivity and creativity enhancement are evident; while, at the same time, maintaining employees’ wellbeing is a significant priority in the work context.

To this end, the WELLy partnership delivered the work well-being manager training course, to promote well-being at work. Specifically, this is the third intellectual output delivered in the context of “WELLy – Introducing the job profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to prevent and combat work-related stress” EU project.

About the work well-being manager training course

WELLy is an Erasmus+ project that acknowledges the physical and psychosocial impact, due to the stressful atmosphere in the workplace. In particular, the strategic partnership focuses on the management roles as important factors of stress reduction.

You can discover more about WELLy project on its official website.

In this context, the WELLy consortium developed an innovative training course addressed to managers, in order to train them on workplace well-being matters. The course adopts a mixed methodology that encompasses in-person and online training activities.

Moreover, the content is available in the English language; Slovenian; Italic; Greek; Portuguese; and, Spanish.

The effectiveness of the training course has been tested in the partner countries, from October 2021 until February 2022. The assessment phase received positive feedback from the participants, who were active throughout the process. Furthermore, Athena platform hosts the WELLy training course; and, so far, the comments from the partner countries’ trainers and trainees are optimistic.

You can discover more about the work well-being manager training course, here.

Finally, upon successful completion trainees will receive “work well-being manager” credentials with European-wide acknowledgment.

Undoubtedly, a healthy work environment contributes to efficient work operations and amplifies the workforce dynamics by investing in their overall health.

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