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Wrapping Up 4th FLOW Meeting

Wrapping Up 4th FLOW Meeting

The 4th FLOW meeting was successfully completed online, with the partners from Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Romania, and Greece, having elaborated the project’s progress.  

The Power of Being Financial Literate

The essence of this Erasmus+ initiative is the empowering effect of financial literacy. Given that, the FLOW partners designed this project with a focus on women, who encounter circumstances of instability, ranging from marginalization to being NEET.

The expected impact is to contribute to women’s growth, through the creation of financial literacy resources, both for educators and learners. Hopefully, the long-term influence of the FLOW mission will be to reinforce communities.

Familiarize yourself with the framework of “FLOW: Financial Literacy for Woman in the NEET system” European project, here.

What Happened in the 4th FLOW Meeting

During the 4th FLOW meeting, the participants had the opportunity to elaborate on the IO1 testing with local stakeholders. Furthermore, the discussion involved the upcoming development of the project’s guidebook. Finally, the meeting concluded with the presentation of the handbook developed, for the training program of adult educators.

iED’s Take on Flow

Financial literacy and women’s empowerment are integrant parts of iED’s vision. Therefore, we are more than happy to be part of the FLOW partnership.

In fact, our institute encourages contacts for potential synergies in this context.

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