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SMEs and companies who want to train their staff


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What we offer

We prepare the material, platforms and courses needed for the best and most effective training.

Educational Material

iED’s professionals coming from a wide range of disciplines, equipped with skills and experience, combine their competencies and expertise to develop educational material in any field in entrepreneurship and business.

E-learning Platforms

eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to adult learners. iED’s IT Department can develop for you a fully customized e-learning platform.

Innovative Training Courses

Educating your company's staff with online courses maybe is not enough. Find out how you can make them absorb the needed knowledge through participating in a gamified course or immerse them in a 3D world and let them learn by playing.


Our training platform solutions fit for every business and organization


Athena has been developed by iED in 2016. It is a highly interactive e-learning platform with over 10 courses on different topics. Most of them provide the user with a certification.

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Dental Hygiene Training Programme

Dental Hygiene Training Programme aims to help professionals and dental hygienists who want to start up their own practice and who do not have the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies required to start up and successfully operate their own practice/enterprise.


Society is an online training platform on social entrepreneurship providing to the learners all the necessary sources in order to upscale their own social enterprise.

E-Commerce in rural areas Serious Game

E-Commerce in rural areas Serious Game is an online game for vocational trainees or young (aspiring) entrepreneurs, where players can play with other players from different countries.


EUsparks is an e-learning platform including training material and resources for strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of young (potential) entrepreneurs.

OpenMind gamified online platform

The OpenMind gamified online platform uses game design elements to create a highly participative and inspiring learning environment, in which students explore business concepts and develop key entrepreneurship skills and mindset while dealing with real cases and challenges (under development).


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