Research Idea

Eco-friendly Startup Ecosystem

TOPIC: The changing cryosphere: uncertainties, risks and opportunities

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 19 Feb 2019

Category: Start-up, Environment
Target Group: Entrepreneurs

General Description

The aim is to promote an eco-friendly startup ecosystem through the conduction of mild economic growth research.

The growing startup scene plays a role in advancing environmental impact technology companies through the rise in number of experienced entrepreneurs that have the background and temperament needed to successfully launch a new venture. Objective is the partnering and uniting of the startups, incubators, accelerators, public and private sector.

There is a clear need to implement all the appropriate measures due to the risk of desertification. At the same time, we will investigate the economic effects of the phenomenon of the rise of sea level in coastal areas and propose a toolkit of policies.

Output: Startup Ecosystem


Research Idea