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Creative Solutions to Unemployment for Everyone


Across the globe, unemployment is a problem that people of all ages face. From young men and women recently out of university all the way to older people who were not able to keep up with the digital changes in the world.

Although efforts have been made over the past few years to reduce the problem, we see that the number is not reducing. On the contrary, it is rising and in some countries, the problem is bigger than ever.

One would expect that the countries with the biggest problem are those that were plagued the most by the financial crisis. And yes, although they are among them we notice that even more advanced countries with a better economy are also not able to drop the unemployment rate.

Unemployment can be caused by many different factors. A financial crisis is only one of the many reasons. And depending on the “target group” the reasons may vary. However, some common factors can be used as a compass to create a map that will form a list of the most common reasons and potential solutions to them.

Create Your Own Job Position

Due to the financial crisis, many companies had to let go of a large number of their employees. Many more closed down, not being able to cope with the expenses and mounts of debt. As a result, a lot of people lost their jobs. Moreover, job positions have been reduced.

The solution in this particular case is for people to start creating their ventures. The financial crisis may have reduced job opportunities, but it also created needs that were not present before. And these needs could be the biggest job opportunity for people to escape unemployment.

Build General Skills

Soft skills always have been and always will be important. Even after a financial crisis, the world will not stop. Eventually, jobs will re-open. However, priorities are now different. Unemployed people will need to build skills based on what the world needs right now.

An example is the EU’s new policy, driving companies towards a green state of mind. Everything now needs to be environmentally friendly. Building and promoting soft skills for green jobs is a great opportunity for younger people to get out of the unemployment pool. Either as owners or employees, they need to know how to be green.

Build Digital Skills

This particular step is probably the most well-promoted over the past couple of years, and for a good reason. Digital transformation is an inevitable future for the world of business.  No matter what your business might be, retail, services, or anything else, you will need to have a strong digital footprint, and you will need to know how to sustain it.

Simultaneously, as an employee, it will be a necessary qualification to find work in every sector. Of all the potential skills you might need to develop, digital skills are at the top of the list.

Take Internship Opportunities

Internships used to be just a way to add some experience to your resume. Now they are way more than that. Through internships, people get the opportunity to learn how new types of businesses work. At the same time, they are allowed to learn a job, acquire expertise, and perhaps even claim a position in the company they intern for.

Nowadays, most business owners want to hire people who already know the job. Unsurprisingly, they will simply keep interns as employees after the internship is over. This could be a potential for a good job for you. Or at least a step to the next potential solution.

Build a Network

A network is very important nowadays. Whether you want to search for employment or find a person who could be your potential partner in a business venture, the bigger the network, the better. You can promote your work, talk about your ideas and, of course, promote your products or services when the time is right.

A network is also a great way to build your brand reputation. If you decide that self-employment is the best course for you, use your network wisely.

Keep Educating Yourselves

No matter your personal or professional choices, education will never stop being an important factor in your life. If you want to build a bright career and if you want to make yourselves as marketable as possible, you must find the perfect educational opportunities for you.

You can take online courses, paid or free, focused on one or even more subjects. It is important to remember that these courses can help you build the foundation of expertise, so choose them wisely. Always focus on finding the best providers and courses with the best and most accurate information.

Keep Updating Your CV

Although you need more innovative ways to combat unemployment, some traditional methods will still need to be taken into account. Creating a good CV is always a great way to promote your work. The most common way to create a good CV in Europe is the Europass platform and templates.

As of the first of July 2020, the Europass platform and templates were updated, aiming at covering the needs of people across Europe. This new Europass tool will help you communicate your skills and qualifications easier than ever.


These six solutions might sound very difficult but they are easier than you think. You need to take your time to think about what it is that you want to do with your life. What are your priorities? What is the subject you want to focus on? And most importantly, what is your expertise on the subject?

Find your own creative solutions to combat unemployment on a personal and non-personal level.

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