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Migrant and refugee education for fast integration

The migrant influx in Europe, over the past few years, is increasing in numbers. A large percentage of those people comes from a place with little opportunity for education. In other words, their integration in the European society is very difficult to happen. Europe bears a responsibility to those people. To help them get back on their feet. Get integrated into a new environment.

This can only be achieved through proper education. Proper education is going to give migrants the opportunity to adjust faster. Learning the dominant language if the area they live in is the first step in adapting and getting integrated.

Next step is learning the use of a computer. Although for Europeans, knowing how to use a computer is something very basic, in some countries people simply do not how to do it. Being in a European country, not knowing how to use a computer is not an option. It is important for the education of the migrants to know how to use a computer, at least for the most basic functions.

Last but not least comes education regarding the labor market. Entering the labor market is difficult for the locals. It is twice as difficult for migrants. Not being able to take advantage of their skills and competencies, simply because they do not how holds them back. They either have to learn how to use their abilities to a completely new labor market or acquire completely new skills. In every case, labor market education needs a lot of attention and focus.Migrants are a vulnerable group as it is. Women migrants are in a much more difficult position. Many women migrating from third world countries did not have the opportunity to receive even the basic education. Therefore educating them upon arrival to any European country can prove to be even more difficult. Education here might have to split into different sectors. Still around the labor market of course.

Working with their hand might be a much more plausible scenario in the beginning so teaching women migrants the basics of agricultural practices will help them get integrated a lot faster and easier than let’s say teaching them a much more complicated subject that requires basic literacy levels that some might not have.

As for younger migrants and education, things are definitely a lot easier. Younger minds have the ability to receive and analyze vast amounts of information. With the right education, every young migrant has the opportunity to become a true entrepreneur in the European labor market.

Educating migrants is the key to help them adjust to a new life and get integrated. Migrants are a vulnerable group of people. They need help to get back on their feet. It is the world’s responsibility to help them. And proper education is the key to do that!

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