Social inclusion and active citizenship of 2nd generation migrants actions

The local event of RAYSE project organized by the Greek partner, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, entitled “Initiatives and actions for the promotion of the social inclusion and active citizenship of 2nd generation migrants” took place on May 22nd, 2019 in the premises of LIDO Organization in the city of Larissa.

The local event aimed and managed to meet several objectives:

  • Inform the participants and local stakeholders about the project’s activities and initiatives on social inclusion.
  • Inform the participants about similar local activities and initiatives implemented by other organizations, such as the Municipality of Larissa on social inclusion .
  • Facilitate the selection of the 6 young people that will attend the project’s International Workshop in Brussels on behalf of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.

In total, 46 people participated in the local event organized by the Greek partner with the following profiles:

  • Young 2nd generation migrants, the majority of whom coming from Albania but also from other countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
  • Representatives from local organizations and stakeholders forcusing on social inclusion , such as:
    • Municipality of Larissa
    • Region of Thessaly
    • Red Cross – Branch of Larissa
    • Association of Greek Scouts
    • Local NGOs

During the local event, the following presentations took place:

  1. Mr. Panagiotis Koutoudis, iED’s Lead Project Manager, presented RAYSE project, its objectives, ongoing and future activities as well as the project’s expected results and outcomes.
  2. Mr. Dimitris Deligiannis, Vice Mayor of Larissa, presented the activities and initiatives implemented within “Larissa: a Learning City” project as well as how similar activities can be implemented in order to promote the social inclusion of young 2nd generation migrants.
  3. Ms. Anna Koronioti, iED’s Project Manager, presented a previous European project in which the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participated as a partner and which promoted urban agricultural activities as an alternative for the social inclusion and the inclusion in the employment of migrant women.

The main outcomes of the local event in Larissa, Greece can be summarized as follows:

  • Increase of the local awareness on the project’s activities and future outcomes.
  • Successful engagement of the project’s direct target group (young 2nd generation migrants) in the project’s activities on social inclusion .
  • The foundation for the development of a local network of organizations and stakeholders promoting the social inclusion of young migrants was set.
  • Collection of a set of interesting and innovative ideas on how the social inclusion of young migrants can be achieved.
  • Successful selection of the 6 young migrants that will participate in the project’s International Workshop.

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